She sits on the balcony of her home in the skies / staring
at worker ants go their conditioned way / in pursuit
of treacly treats that come apart like / segments
of an orange / leaving
behind pips / with
a chance of trees.

She holds on tightly to the rail / etched
lines on her palms / countless
veins of a leaf white and parched / her
gnarled wrinkled heels / furtive
roots growing / buried
in cold shadows / of
a sunless tower.

She sits at her perch / as
sky turns into an inkwell / overturned
by flapping wings of birds / who
have lost their way / navigating
metropolis mazes / forced
to seek refuge / in
makeshift nests / on
concrete trees.


RITA BHATTACHARJEE is a communications consultant with extensive experience in managing corporate and internal communications for companies across diverse industries, including non-profit organizations. She is the co-founder of Mission Arogya and Arogya HomeCare and has recently relocated from the US to India to channel her skills towards social entrepreneurship to increase awareness and reduce disparity in public health. She also writes poetry, some of which have been included in anthologies and published in reputed international journals, including The Copperfield Review, Contemporary Literary Review, Camel Saloon, Café Dissensus, About Place Journal, and Kitaab.