In an under-construction house,
Steve and Dale jump into the cool
dark of what will be a basement.
Hands begin to roam. Pants come off.
It’s dangerous.
Workmen can return.

Dale attends Bereans,
a church group “who searched
the scriptures daily.” He searches
record stores for The Supremes
and Pet Clark. Steve loves Tommy
James and the Shondells—

they fight about it. Choose.
Either Pet or Tommy.
They stop going
to the unfinished house. Dale
takes up with Ron:
Strip Monopoly. Steve pictures
nudity in Marvin Gardens,
hopes he’ll grow out of basements
and boys.

The basements deepen—
even still, he takes the leap.


KENNETH POBO has a book of prose poems forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House called The Antlantis Hit Parade. In 2017, Circling Rivers brought out his ekphrastic collection called Loplop in a Red City. He gardens, loves 60s music, and teaches English and creative writing at Widener University in Pennsylvania. He tweets @KenPobo.