To support these claims
only evidence will suffice

________________A fortunate opportunity
________________will only steer us adrift

________________________________A humbling experience

________________________________a humbling experience

So do you think
________________________________they actually listen to you

I’m hungry enough
_______to listen
though all I hear


Mandatory floggings and flaying take the place of response
__________________________________________while the senses dull

_______And we are here
________________a semblance of community
________________________though I don’t know your name

I recognize your existence
________________________it’s greatly appreciated

No need for two sides
________________one will suffice
________________________at this juncture of almost


CALVIN PENNIX is an educator and creator living in southern California with his wife and two children. His first project, Grounds, was published by Argotist Books in 2011. Calvin has had two other full length projects published – Around/About (Differentia Press 2012) and On Reaction (Differentia Press 2013). Other works of Calvin have been published by Upstairs at Duroc, Unlikely Stories, Certain Circuits, Otoliths and Counterexample Poetics among others.