¡you you you!

thou, essence of my sadness
[when I am smiley, ¡what happiness!]
when I am sad, then sad [like] a bird: __________ the One
__________________________________________________sitting on my book
__________________________________________________(I was a boy)
they were trying to teach me:

¿what’s this? ____________________________________tis ¿? sad bird

¿what’s this? ____________________________________sad bird

¿what’s this? ____________________________________a very sad bird

¿what’s this? ____________________________________the very sad soul of the happy bird

¿what’s this? ____________________________________the very cruel fate of the smiley bird

a bird on my book
¿a bird into my book?
the natural question a boy asks is
¿why is the bird so sad?

neither the teacher,
the majestic soul of the disTeacher,
nor the veryBestLove
care about a bird…

meanwhile, another page is turned         and one, another, and eternal slope

at the end, tis infinitum ad
comes to my memories
a crocodile:
he’s crying (like a crocodile)


ALEXANDRU IOSIF is a Ph.D. student in mathematical biology at OvGU Magdeburg (Germany). Before moving to Germany, he lived in Madrid, Spain for nine years. His poems and short stories have been published in several journals. He writes mostly in Spanish and tweets @AlexandruVIosif.