i threaten i threaten
crossing street pushing
thrusting face into hers
four maybe five

she walks no sashay
past coffee strollers gone
the way of the dodo
speaks with eyes
and ears

there is no other way
learn to like it
suck it in and breathe deeply
as you tear apart

consider yourself warned
mouth nose breasts chin
thoughts, maybe

stakes, self
fall to pieces
fall to ashes
fall down

rabbit holes
far deeper than you ever imagined
empty and full of these women
who dare walk the streets
after eight o’clock at night

and trace with their own shadows
outlines intentions reactions
that scrounge for purchase
but never quite make it
to the surface


ELIZABETH EMOND-STEVENSON is a multidisciplinary artist from Orléans, Ontario, Canada. She searches to manifest the unique possibilities of a world unfolding within a particular spatial/energetic landscape, and is fascinated by the many ways an idea can be represented. TAKE UP SPACE is the umbrella moniker for her artistic work and collaborations.