Cornflake sky falls into a bowl
of dream sometimes
when I awaken I turn to groggy Stan
and ask if he’s so sure
that he doesn’t have a soul—I’ve seen his soul—
I do tricks with it     make it leap    but Frank

you’ve come      no one can see us
eating smelly sandwiches in the museum
paintings remember you fondly
you say the one thing you miss
more than sex
is a brisk Manhattan walk

on a brisk October day Bette Davis
rising from the Roosevelt Hotel roof
to moon Joan Crawford thanks

for lunching with me one more
living cigarette inhaled
deeply on a busy street       dusk


KENNETH POBO has a book of prose poems forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House called The Antlantis Hit Parade. In 2017, Circling Rivers brought out his ekphrastic collection called Loplop in a Red City. He gardens, loves 60s music, and teaches English and creative writing at Widener University in Pennsylvania. He tweets @KenPobo.