I often have a dream
____of a woman in white
____with yellow flowers in her hair
I think they’re daisies, or sunflowers
____I don’t know for sure

she stands atop a mountain
____or is it a hill? I’ve no idea
sway at her feet
____she walks the edge, her arms stretched
____a ballerina taking centre stage
for a final swansong

I think I know her, but I’m not sure
____her eyes are the same as mine
____I think, or am I mistaken?
I stand rooted
____my petrified arm dying to
hold on
to her
____or myself, I don’t know.


RITA BHATTACHARJEE is a communications consultant with extensive experience in managing corporate and internal communications for companies across diverse industries, including non-profit organizations. She is the co-founder of Mission Arogya and Arogya HomeCare and has recently relocated from the US to India to channel her skills towards social entrepreneurship to increase awareness and reduce disparity in public health. She also writes poetry, some of which have been included in anthologies and published in reputed international journals, including The Copperfield Review, Contemporary Literary Review, Camel Saloon, Café Dissensus, About Place Journal, and Kitaab.