In 1966, when man first conquered the moon,
the last atomic bomb was disassembled
by Soviet scientists with help from aliens
from Jupiter’s moon Io. The Ionians
then bestowed the gift of foresight to humankind,
which we used to create the first time machine
that had actually already been created
in order to travel back to 1966 to instruct us
how to construct it. Don’t try to figure out
the logistics of time travel: that’s what the Ionians
want us to do, to busy ourselves with conundrums
while they use our moon to alter Earth’s gravity.
Have you noticed lately how light you feel
with each step you take? How, with maybe just
a strong enough leap, you could launch yourself
high enough into the stratosphere to see
the entire artic wall that rings our flat planet?


SCOTT HUGHES’s fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in Crazyhorse, One Sentence Poems, Entropy, Deep Magic, Carbon Culture Review, Redivider, Redheaded Stepchild, PopMatters, Strange Horizons, Odd Tales of Wonder, The Haunted Traveler, Exquisite Corpse, Pure Slush, Word Riot, and Compaso: Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology. For more information, visit