Long black -h-a-i-r-
___________that you wear
____________________over beauty breast:
Growing from birth
____________________retractable over time;
Pure                                organic                              liana                              from                              here
to here (now)—
___________To hear
what’s been
___________forgotten (& thus the tears):
_________________________________________________________fragrance of
Relative brushes
_________on bruised canvas
_______________________life lives,
                                                                                         logos leaves
                                                                                                               duende rumbles.

The everyday Exodus
___________in the rear-
___________Southern warmth
or somewhere else’s
called from                                                                                                        depths.
___________of childhood’s
_______Cinderella’s shoe

_____________________________________________________________(glassy echoes               )
_____________________________________________________________(               glassy echoes)
_________________________wrapping the sole
__________________and dusty
feet of soul.
An actor doesn’t know
_______to whom the last seat
is sold;
_______nor who painted
the trees
his playing
_______in the background.

_________________________Then the broken heel.

_________________________as a            smile.


________________________________The dying
_____________________________________butterflied tissues
_________________________________in bad news,
_________________________________their soft-
_________________________________wings in
_________________________________of sighs.
(I remember what is yet to come: there was a knock on the door and
_________________________your eyes closed for ever)
Where love lies, lied thou
on         the
_________silky        way.
__________________________So many             possibilities
__________________________squeezed in/by
__________________life palimpsest
______of fairy                                        death:
_________[read earthly
_________funneled Time                                                                                     & lost Places-
_________________________________axiom                              circle
_________________________________souvenirs                   breath
____________________________________________is death
_________& in the end:
_________the end.

Genetic ideas lullabies:
_________________in the neutral syphon.
_________(no scorn
_________feed on
_________________if short-lived).
(the (whistling) last train) &
scarce                                                               white                                                                hair
____________unaware                                                     of the b(r)east.



ALEXANDRE FERRERE is 28 and lives in France. After a master's degree in Library Sciences and a master's degree in English Literature at the University of Caen, France, he is now working towards a PhD on American poetry at the University of Nanterre, France. He wrote a master's thesis on the poetic influences behind the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, and a comparative study on Allen Ginsberg and Richard Eberhart. His essays appeared in Beatdom and Empty Mirror; some of his poems appeared or are forthcoming in Rust+Moth, 8poems Journal, Structural Damage, Riggwelter Press, and The Ideate Review.