This one lemon is very, very small,
just so you know.

I was looking for something to read, so
I used my electric toothbrush, and I lost
my Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Today, I used the last of the Sriracha.
I lost the socks I was going to wear.
I would post the video of a freemason,

but when you are listening to AC/DC,
the human body responds.


MARILYN CAVICCHIA lives in Chicago and is an editor at the American Bar Association. Other publications in which her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming include The Same, Oddball Magazine, and a Kin Press anthology from the first four issues of Pith. Marilyn's first chapbook, Secret Rivers, was published a few years ago by Evening Street Press and received the Helen Kay Chapbook Prize. Follow her on Twitter: @MarilynCavi, and via her blog: My Badly Cut Thumb is a found poem; the source material was posts in a public Facebook group called The World's Most Boring Posts Club.