IZZY ONEIRIC holds an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. Her work has appeared numerous print and online publications including Raging Pelican, Source Material, Plath Profiles, and Phantom Limb. She is the author of the chapbook From the Bombshell Shelter (Main Street Rag, 2010), and the full-length collections Crossing Bryan Ferry and Other Poems (Lavender Ink Press, 2016), and The Year is Sunday (Xi Draconis Books , October 2018). She currently lives in New Orleans and is an Event Coordinator for the New Orleans Poetry Festival. 
Detour the Look of Glass Lenses is an excerpt from Bibliomantica Poetica, a manuscript of poems compiled by bibliomancy from approximately 4,000 texts published between 1719-1939. It's structured as a palimpsest; the compiled source text is the "scripto inferior" with the crafted poems overwritten above it.