directing towards a close-up of a train
_____– passing – through – a tunnel –

towards the mountain above it
where trees    s t r e t c h    their limbs         away
___________from this stanza

as desires rumbling and trembling
towards a thickened plot
whose plan is not to be a plot at all

towards the train track
over which flaps
__________not a character
__________but a seabird
its eyes roaming     PANORAMIC
towards a God into whom slips
_______a longing for Being
___________on earth
as (un)consciously flawed

towards an oblivion whose memory of memory
_______is captured
in that fenceless seashore where
___________________________moonlight shines
exactly as in your stubborn camera
___________________________black and white
like love shamed and shackled
_______________________but survived


CHANG WEN studied Comparative Literature at NYU. She writes poems and enjoys traveling to no man’s land. Her work has appeared in With Painted Words and elsewhere. She is currently in Shanghai working on a poetry-play hybrid centered on wine, over-consumerism and psychotics.