when you were going backwards but you were not seeing in rewind. and it was there when seeing became hearing and hearing became smooth so you can grasp a handfull of tiny tunes to hum over and over again. and at some point you realised that hearing can become touching and touching becomes seeing if your guess is right. suspend your two lips one to another and give it a try. when it does not happen seems to be a place of ordinary bullshit that you remind yourself to be as much important as everything else. and you guessed right although forgot to remind that to someone. though remembered that this is somehow a vital spot something you hit to cause great pain or protect to avoid pain or maybe hit with great force to have greater results. now you realised that it is somewhat funny to read a story with no recognisable beginning while knowing also that this wasn’t the case at all. and it didn’t mean to happen even though there it is in front of us by all means. seriously now do you remember the point of what we were talking about just some moments ago when you realise that these moments are not human scale ones? realise that talking is all you ever do when talking seems to be the impossible task and your throat is cut off by the soberness it contains so insistently. where throat and cut fuse into one another looking for an organ to make sound could be the craziest yet the most invaluable act. taking in a sip making sure to delay that moment. still no beginning for our story to credit for. every one we made up failed to meet the end and account for itself. go on and make a sound where instruments don’t exist. a proof for soundlessness to exist even as a fantasy.


SPYROS KAZANTZIS is an artist living and working in Thessaloniki, Greece. Theoretical research and writing form a considerable part of his practice. His work ranges from writing and experimenting with research modules to thinking of something that flew up sometime in order to descend another time.  He has participated in various exhibitions and projects and is also a founding member of practiseincognition art collective.