I wish that heritage
from all its forms of
_________— ishness.



CHRISTINA SKARPARI is a Cypriot artist and designer who graduated from MA in Communication design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (2012-2014). In 2013, she founded Xarkis, a non-profit cultural organisation, Xarkis Festival and its respective artists' residencies, and now acts as its creative director. Xarkis explores the intersections of culture and heritage via socially engaged creative practices. Her personal practice weaves autobiographical and participatory observations and spans a range of media including storytelling through poetry, film and documentary photography. Christina is interested in capturing the vernacular, ordinary and extraordinary reflections of the everyday. Her work encourages defamiliarization and play, to foster a generative process whereby participants and receivers are called to deconstruct relationships with elements of their communities. She is pursuing a practice-based research degree, (PhD) focused on socially responsive design, documentary and community resilience and is working as an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins.