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Dinner with my Grandparents

An Asemic Writing Portfolio

Urban Remnants

    KYRIAKOS HADJIELIA is a social documentary and landscape photographer, originating from Cyprus and currently based in Nicosia, CY. Driven by the desire to use the photographic…

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A Waste of Potential

  Robert Keith, A Waste of Potential, from the series of collages titled Not Just Booty. Cover art for armarolla issue III, fall 2018. Courtesy of the artist….

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A Person

Angelina Stavela, A Person, 2016, mixed media. Cover art for armarolla issue II, summer 2018. Courtesy of the artist.   ANGELINA STAVELA is a graphic designer and illustrator…

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Four Portraits

Lost memory, lost identity, lost hopes, lost dreams. A chaotic interconnected layering of information and codes that are partly erased and partly jumbled together are the results of…

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Untitled No. 4

  DENISA VELICU is currently studying film editing and sound design in Bucharest, Romania. Her work focusses on the process of finding a new territory through the reinterpretation…

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                               Sarah Washburn Thornton, Electioneering: Illustrated for armarolla, 2017, mixed media.   SARAH WASHBURN THORNTON is a Pittsburgh based artist + poet. Their award winning visual work has…

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Detour the Look of Glass Lenses

  IZZY ONEIRIC holds an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. Her work has appeared numerous print and online publications including Raging Pelican, Source Material, Plath Profiles,…

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father and son lighting candles in a Beirut church

Today and tomorrow: all but the lights are irrelevant   JOELLE REBEIZ has been experimenting with the juxtaposition of word and image since 2006, when she took her…

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